Package OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Simple

contains abstract classes for dialogs that provide basic functionality like Show_Modal, ...

Class Data_Source_Dialog

A dialog providing a pixmap, a info area and some buttons. Contains a Data_Source.


private FET.Parameter_Pot PP 

the parameter pot that contains the dialog informations. used to provide the data source.

private OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Simple.Dialog_Data_Source Dialog_DS 

A Dialog_Data_Source that opens the dialog if necessary.


public Show_Modal(void);

shows the dialog. Creates a new main loop iteration. Exit this loop from an event by calling End_Modal

public Link_Data_Source( FET.Data_Source DS);

Link the given data source to the dialog. This data source is asked, if the dialog itself cannot provide the asked information.

public FET.Data_Source Get_Data_Source(void);

Get the dialog's data source.

Class Simple_Dialog

extends OpenCAGE.GUI.Dialog

A simple dialog providing a pixmap, a info area and some buttons.


private Gtk.Window.Gtk_Window Window 

The Gtk_Window this Dialog is displayed in.

private OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Buttons.Button_Box Buttons 

The buttons appearing at the bottom of the dialog window.

private Gtk.Widget.Gtk_Widget Child 

The child widget that is displayed in the upper part of the dialog

private OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Layouts.Factories.Layout_Factory LF 

The layout factory that is used to create the dialog.

private OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Buttons.Factories.Button_Box_Factory BBF 

The button box factory that is used to create the buttons.


public Show_Modal(void);

Shows the dialog modal (blocks the entire event system until the dialog is closed).

Postcondition: A new main loop iteration is created.

public Build(void);

Build the widget set of the dialog. Should be called by create.

Precondition: Buttons, Child is set.

public Event( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Link);

This is called by an event handler if an event occured (You guessed that. This description is very abstract, because the class is also very abstract). [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Handlers.Handler_Target'.]

public Boolean Can_Execute( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Link);

returns true if a (button) event with the given link string will be handeled. This can be used to gray out the buttons if they shouldn't be used. [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Handlers.Handler_Target'.]

public End_Modal(void);

This closes the dialog. It should be used only internally from the event handler.

Precondition: Show_Modal was called.

Postcondition: The most inner main loop iteration is canceled.

Class Simple_Dialog_Fty

a simple dialog factory that creates a simple dialog.


public OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Simple.Simple_Dialog Create_Dialog(void);

create a simple dialog

Class Dialog_Data_Source

extends FET.Data_Source

This is a data source that opens the dialog this ds belongs to so that the user can change/enter data which are then served. confusing. yes. deal with it.


private OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Simple.Data_Source_Dialog Dialog 


public FET.Parameter_Pot Get(void);

Return the parameter pot of this data_source [This description is adopted from 'FET.Data_Source'.]