Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Debug

Class Error_Console

This class represents a graphical window, in which some kind of messages are written, which a developer want to appear at run-time. It provides log levels with increasing severity (from debug to critical), so you can choose, which messages you want to see.


private Integer Threshold 

This attribute indicates the number of messages, which are hold inside this window (and can therefore be displayed). If more messages are put into, the first messages are thrown away.

private Integer Log_Level 

Indicates, which messages should displayed

private Gtk.Window.Gtk_Window Window 

The Window, which represents the Error_Console

private Gtk.CList.Gtk_CList CList 

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Debug.Radio_Buttons Buttons 

The Buttons, which are displayed at the top of the Error_Console


public Put_Message( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Message, Integer Level);

Writes a message with the given Log_Level to the Error_Console

private Initialize(void);

private Finalize(void);

public Hide_Window(void);

Hides the Error_Console

public Show_Window(void);

Make the Error_Console visible

Class Radio_Buttons

array(1..5) of Gtk.Radio_Buttons.Gtk_Radio_Buttons