Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers

Class Object_Display_Container

holds objects of the class Object_Display


private OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Displays.Object_Lists.List Content 

holds the list of Object_Displays

private Graphics.Points.Point Upper_Left_Corner 

holds the position of the upper left corner, use Update to update it

private Graphics.Points.Point Lower_Right_Corner 

holds the position of the lower right corner, use Update to update it

private Graphics.Area_Sizes.Area_Size Max_Object_Size 

holds the maximum width and height of the heighest object and the widthest object in the container, use Update to update it

private Glib.Gint Size 

holds the number of Object_Displays in the Container, use Update to update it


public Insert_Object( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Displays.Object_Display Item);

inserts a Object_Display into the Container

public Remove_Object( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Displays.Object_Display Item);

removes the Object_Display from the Container

public Update(void);

calculates the values for the Upper_Left_Corner, Lower_Right_Corner and the Max_Object_Size

public Traverse(void);

only for debugging - prints the content of the container

Class Object_Display_Container_Pot_Element

extends FET.Pot_Element


private OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Value 


public OpenCAGE.General.XML.Node_Ptr Serialize(void);

Serializes the content of this Pot_Element into XML [This description is adopted from 'FET.Pot_Element'.]