Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Factories.Context_Menus

Class Context_Menu_Factory


private OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Top_Menus.Hashed_Top_Menus.Mapping Context_Menus 

Holds the context menu for all categories of graph objects. Category of Type_Info is used as key for the hash table.

private OpenCAGE.General.XML.Node_Ptr XML_Node 

This node has to point to the child of the "contextmenu"-tag.


public Initialize_Context_Menus( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Graph_Name);

Reads Context-Menus from XML-File.

public OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Top_Menus.Top_Menu Get_Context_Menu( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Key);

Returns the Context_Menu corresponding to the given key. In the BABU-implementation the type of the rfg object is used as key. For more information, see RFG-Library.