Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus

Class Menu


public Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Get_ID(void);

Returns an ID for this menu

public OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Get_Parent(void);

public Set_Parent( OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Menu);

public Boolean Is_Visible(void);

Returns true if it is visible, false otherwise.

public Add_To_Gtk_Menu( Gtk.Menu.Gtk_Menu Gtk_Menu, OpenCAGE.GUI.Con_Men_Handlers.Con_Men_Handler Handler);

Adds its conent and the content of its children to the given gtk menu.

public Set_Data_Source( FET.Data_Source Data);

public Intersect( OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Menu);

Intersects itself with the given menu, so that only menu items remain which are part of both menus.

public Menu_Added( OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Menu);

public Menu_Removed( OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Menu);

public OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Clone( OpenCAGE.GUI.Menus.Menu Parent);

Creates a deep copy of this object

public Boolean Is_Sensitive(void);

Returns true, if it is sensitive, false, if it is grayed out.

public FET.Data_Source Get_Data_Source(void);