Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Widget_Controllers

This package contains some widget controllers.

Class Parameter_Widget_Controller

A controller that holds a widget set and a pot (with associated data source). The widgets allow to modify certain values contained in the pot. This class has to be overriden to provide the needed widget.


public FET.Parameter_Pot Get_Pot(void);

Returns a parameter pot containing the current parmeter settings from the widget.

public Set_Data_Source( FET.Data_Source Source);

Sets a data source from which the widget controller will try to retrieve the settings of the parameters in the widget.

public Gtk.Widget.Gtk_Widget Get_Widget(void);

get the widget set provided by this controller to change the content of the pot.

public Set_Handler( OpenCAGE.Dialogs.Handlers.Handler_Target Handler);

Sets a handler that is called when something changed in the widget.