Package OpenCAGE.Layouts.Simple_Layouts.Sawtooth_Layouts

layout jumps between two verticalal positions redrawing the nodes of the row

Class Sawtooth_Layout

extends OpenCAGE.Layouts.Simple_Layouts.Simple_Layout


private Glib.Gint Column_Distance 

horizontal distance between tooth top and tooth button and reverse in one row

private Glib.Gint Row_Distance 

vertical distance from tooth top of one row to tooth top of the next row

private Glib.Gint Tooth_Top_Button_Distance 

verical distance beetwenn tooth top and tooth button in one row

private Boolean Tooth_Top 

to store if it is a tooth top or a tooth button


public Prepare( Graphics.Points.Point Start_Position := Graphics.Points.Zero_Point);


public Apply_Layout( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Node_Displays.Node_Display Obj);

applies simple layout at a node [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Layouts.Simple_Layouts.Simple_Layout'.]

public Glib.Gint Tooth_Hub( Boolean Is_Tooth_Top);

Vector to next saw point