Package OpenCAGE.Color_Tables.Pot_Type_Color_Tables

This package provides manages getting the colors from a pot

Class Pot_Type_Color_Table

extends OpenCAGE.Color_Tables.Edge_Type_Color_Table

This implementation of the edge type color table interface gets the colors for the typed edges from a pot.


private FET.Parameter_Pot Pot 

The parameter Pot for the colors and edge_types


public Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Get_Color( OpenCAGE.GIF.Edge_Model Edge_Model);

returns the color as a string for a given Edge_Model [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Color_Tables.Edge_Type_Color_Table'.]

public Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Get_Selected_Color(void);

returns the color for selected edges [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Color_Tables.Edge_Type_Color_Table'.]