Package OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models

The model for the window master. Here are all graph windows registered.

Class Window_Master_Model

A model that holds information about existing windows. E.g. to serve as model for the status bar.


private OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Display_Controllers_Lists.List Display_Controllers 

all available display controllers (one for each graph window)

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller Focused_Display_Controller 

The display controller for the focused window.

private OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model_Observers_Lists.List Observers 

The observers that are attached to this model.


public Attach( OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model_Observer Observer);

Attach the given observer to the list.

public Detach( OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model_Observer Observer);

Remove the given observer from the list.

private Notify( OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model_Message Message, OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

Notify all attached observers that something has changed

public Add_Display_Controller( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

Add the given DC to the model

public Remove_Display_Controller( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

Remove the given DC from the model.

public Focus_Display_Controller( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

To call, when the given DC got the focus.

public Unfocus_Display_Controller( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

To call, when the given DC lost the focus.

public Destroy_Display_Controllers(void);

Destroys all registered Display_Controllers.

public Boolean Has_Visible_Graph_Windows(void);

Returns true, if at least one of the registered windows (which are graph windows) is visible, false else.

public Display_Controller_Visibility_Changed( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

To call, when the given DC changed its visibility.

Class Window_Master_Model_Message

a message to be given to window master model observers

Class Window_Master_Model_Observer

An observer that can be attached to the Window_Master_Model.


private OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model WMM 

The observed Window_Master_Model.


public Changed( OpenCAGE.Window_Masters.Models.Window_Master_Model_Message Message, OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

Is called by the observed Window_Master_Model when something has changed