Package OpenCAGE.State

The global state of OpenCAGE

Class OpenCAGE_State

Zooming, Selecting, To_Window

Class State_Message

The state message

Class State_Model

This holds the actual state of OpenCAGE, i.e. if you are Zooming, Selecting, is in To_Window mode. It holds a second flag busy, which has to be set when a longlasting action is done.


private OpenCAGE.State.State_Model_Observers_Lists.List Observers 

the attached observers

private OpenCAGE.State.OpenCAGE_State State 

the state flag

private Boolean Busy 

the busy flag


public Attach( OpenCAGE.State.State_Model_Observer Observer);

Attach the given observer to the observer list.

public Detach( OpenCAGE.State.State_Model_Observer Observer);

Detach the given observer from the observer list

private Notify( OpenCAGE.State.State_Message Message);

Notify the attached observers.

Class State_Model_Observer

An observer that observers the State_Model.


private OpenCAGE.State.State_Model Model 

the observed model


public Changed( OpenCAGE.State.State_Message Message);

Is called by the model when something has changed.