Package FET.Pot_Builder

Class Parameter_Pot_Builder

This class can deserialize a paramter pot from a xml file created by FET.To_File


private FET.Pot_Builder.Hashing_Callback.Mapping Callback_List 

The list of registerd callbacks

private OpenCAGE.Data.Oc_Data.Oc_Data OC_Data 

for some pot-elements we need oc-data


public Register_Pot_Element ( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Signature , FET.Deserializer Deserializer );

register a deserializer in conjunction with a specific signature

public FET.Parameter_Pot From_File ( String Filename );

Deserialize a Parameter Pot from a file

public FET.Parameter_Pot From_XML ( OpenCAGE.General.XML.Node_Ptr Node );

Deserialize a Parameter Pot from a memory structure

public Init (void);

Registers all child types of Pot_Element

public FET.Pot_Builder.Parameter_Pot_Builder Create ( OpenCAGE.Data.Oc_Data.Oc_Data Data := Null );

Initialize the parameter-pot-builder