Package OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models

Contains the model for the analysis master: a list of analysis master factories.

Class Analysis_Master_Model

The model at which all analysis action factories are registered.


private OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model_Observers_Lists.List Observers 

a list of attached observers

private OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factories_Lists.List Analysis_Action_Factories 

a list of registered analysis action factories

private OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model Model 

explaining this bullshit is left as an exercise to the reader.


public Attach( OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model_Observer Observer);

attach the given observer to the model

public Detach( OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model_Observer Observer);

Detach the given observer from the model.

public Notify( OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model_Message Message, OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factory AAF);

Notify the attached observers that something has happened

public Add_Analysis_Action_Factory( OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factory AAF);

add the given analysis action factory to the model

public Remove_Analysis_Action_Factory( OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factory AAF);

remove the given analysis action factory from the model

public OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factory Get_Analysis_Action_Factory_For_Id( Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Unbounded_String Id);

returns the analysis action factory that returns the given id as id, or null if no matching id is found.

Class Analysis_Master_Model_Message

the message the observers react to

Class Analysis_Master_Model_Observer

an observer that observes the analysis master model


private OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model AMM 

the observed analysis master model


public Changed( OpenCAGE.Analysis_Masters.Models.Analysis_Master_Model_Message Message, OpenCAGE.Analyses.Analysis_Action_Factory AAF);

is called by the observed model when something has happened