Package OpenCAGE.Controller.Pipe_Segments.Debug

This package holds the debug pipe segment.

Class Debug_Command_Observer

extends OpenCAGE.Controller.Command.Command_Observer

This is a Command_Observer implementation which writes every notification it gets to the Error Log Console.


public Changed( OpenCAGE.Controller.Command.Command Cmd);

Tells the Command_Observer that the state of a Command Object changed. [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Controller.Command.Command_Observer'.]

Class Debug_Pipe_Segment

extends OpenCAGE.Controller.Pipe_Segments.Pipe_Segment

This Pipe_Segement implementation registers a debug observer at the Command object which lists all state changes to the Error Log Console.


private OpenCAGE.Controller.Pipe_Segments.Debug.Debug_Command_Observer Cmd_Observer 

We use one command observer to observe all commands. This is sufficient in this case because we only want to print some debugging stuff to the error log console.


public Take( OpenCAGE.Controller.Command.Command Cmd);

Takes a Command object and regsiters an observer.