Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers

Display Controllers: they handle events for display windows.

Class Display_Controller

This class handles the user requests of a window representing a part of the graph, e.g. if the user double-clicks on a node.


private OpenCAGE.Data.Data Oc_Data 

The global Oc_Data object.

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller_Observers_Lists.List Observers 

a list of attached observers

private Boolean Destroy_On_Close 

If true, destroy the controller when the window is closed, else hide the window only. This is used to let the viewmaster alive.


public Show_Window(void);

Shows the window of the display.

public Hide_Window(void);

Hides the window of the display.

public Attach( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller_Observer Observer);

attach the given observer to the observers list

public Detach( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller_Observer Observer);

detach the given observer from the observers list

public Notify( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller_Message Message);

notify the attached observers that something happened

public Boolean Is_Visible(void);

Returns true, if the window is visible, false otherwise.

public Toggle_Visibility(void);

Shows the window, if it is hidden, hides it, else.

public Raise_Window(void);

Bring window of the display to front.

public OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Window_Displays.Window_Display Get_Display(void);

returns the display that is controlled

public OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Window_Models.Window_Model Get_Model(void);

returns the model that is displayed by the display of this controller

public String Get_Title(void);

returns the window title

Class Display_Controller_Message

The message that is given to the observers

Class Display_Controller_Observer

Observes the Display_Controller. Is notified when the state of the Display_Controller is changed (e.g. selected objects, ...)


public Changed( OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller_Message Message, OpenCAGE.GUI.Display_Controllers.Display_Controller DC);

Is called by the observed Display_Controller when something has changed