Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Node_Displays.Type_Node_Displays.RFG_Node_Displays

Class RFG_Node_Display

extends OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Node_Displays.Type_Node_Displays.Type_Node_Display

This is a RFG node display. It assumes that the model is at least a RFG node model.


private OpenCAGE.Pixmap_Tables.Attributes.Pixmaps.Node_Attribute_Pixmap Attribute_Table 

The table of Attributes

private Graphics.Pixmaps.Pixmap Attribute_Pixmap 

The attribute pixmap of this node


public Draw( Graphics.Graphic_Component.Graphic_Component GC);

Draws the RFG node at GC typed depended and with attributes

public Update_Display_Really(void);

Is called by Update. Don't ever called from somewhere else unless you know what you're doing. This method is protected, i.e. it should not be called from outside. Unfortunatly Ada doesn't support this feature. [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Displays.Object_Display'.]