Package OpenCAGE.GUI.Workbench.Displays

contains the display for the workbench.

Class Workbench

The workbench is the central user interface for opencage. Most of the commands can be started from here.


private OpenCAGE.Data.Oc_Data.Oc_Data Oc_Data 

The global Oc_Data object.

private Gtk.Box.Gtk_Box Box 

The Gtk_Box the Menu, Icon_Bar and Status_Bar is contained in.

private Gtk.Window.Gtk_Window Window 

This observer changes the cursor in the window according to the observed state.

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Workbench.GUI_Elements_Lists.List Elements 

The Elements contained in the Workbench

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Cursors.Cursor_State_Model_Observer Cursor_Observer 

The cursor observer that changes the cursor according to the state.

private OpenCAGE.GUI.Workbench.Displays.Workbench_State_Model_Observer State_Observer 

observer that observes the state model.


public Add_Element( OpenCAGE.GUI.Workbench.GUI_Element Element);

Add the given element to the workbench

Class Workbench_State_Model_Observer

extends OpenCAGE.State.State_Model_Observer


private OpenCAGE.GUI.Workbench.Displays.Workbench WB 


public Changed( OpenCAGE.State.State_Message Message);

Is called by the model when something has changed. [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.State.State_Model_Observer'.]