Package OpenCAGE.Layouts

positionate nodes of specific graph window model using layout algorithms

Class Layout

Layout algorithms to positionate nodes of an object display container


private Graphics.Points.Point Layout_Start_Position 

top left corner of layouted area; default is the top left corner of window in which nodes are

private Graphics.Area_Sizes.Area_Size Normal_Window_Size 

default size of graph area of graph window

private OpenCAGE.Layouts.Layout_State State 

State of Layouting


public Calc_Horizontal_Window_Size( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Obj_Container);

calculates the horizontal window size; gets the required values from the given object container

public Do_Layout( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Objects, Boolean Generate_Self_Window_Size := true, Graphics.Points.Point Start_Position := Graphics.Points.Zero_Point);

this method should used to get a new layout its prepares, starts and finished a Layout-Operation by calling Prepare, Start and Finish

public Prepare( Graphics.Points.Point Start_Position := Graphics.Points.Zero_Point);

Prepares Layouting

public Start( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Objects);

starts layout algorithm

public Finish(void);

Finishs Layouting

public Apply_Layout( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Node_Displays.Node_Display Obj);

Class Layout_State