Package OpenCAGE.Layouts.Simple_Layouts

simple layout algorithms, which used nodes and layout them in a simple way (like grid layout)

Class Simple_Layout

extends OpenCAGE.Layouts.Layout

abstract class for all simple layouts. This mains that only node information is used (and not the edge information) to get new positions of nodes. To get the Node_Display of Object_Display_Controller (and not an Object_Display (this could also be an Edge_Display) we use the Visitor Pattern Object_Visitor_Layout


private Glib.Gint Normal_Horizontal_Node_Distance 

standard horizontal space beetween two nodes

private Glib.Gint Normal_Vertical_Node_Distance 

standard vertical space beetween two nodes

private Graphics.Points.Point Position 

position at which is layouted a node


public Prepare( Graphics.Points.Point Start_Position := Graphics.Points.Zero_Point);


public Apply_Layout( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Node_Displays.Node_Display Obj);

applies simple layout at a node

public Start( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Objects);

starts layout algorithm

public Finish(void);

Finishs Layouting [This description is adopted from 'OpenCAGE.Layouts.Layout'.]

public Calc_Horizontal_Window_Size( Glib.Gint Node_Count, Glib.Gint Obj_Size);

calculates the horizontal window size

public Calc_Horizontal_Window_Size( OpenCAGE.GUI.Displays.Object_Display_Containers.Object_Display_Container Obj_Container);

calculates the horizontal window size; gets the required values from the given object container